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About Us

Welcome to AutoClassicX, where our passion for classic cars meets cutting-edge technology to preserve automotive history. We are pioneers in producing high-quality spare parts for classic cars, ensuring every detail and color matches the original specifications. At AutoClassicX, we are more than just a parts supplier; we are guardians of automotive heritage, dedicated to enhancing the collector’s value of your vintage beauties.

Our Mission
AutoClassicX is committed to solving the persistent challenge of finding original, high-quality spare parts for classic cars. We understand the struggles classic car enthusiasts face in maintaining their prized possessions. That’s why our products don’t just replicate the original—they improve upon it. Utilizing advanced technology, our parts are designed to last longer and look better, ensuring your classic car remains both functional and stunning.

Our Products
Each piece in our extensive catalog is crafted with precision and care, using innovative techniques that respect the essence of the original parts. Our signature line, AutoClassicX, guarantees that the parts are not only visually appealing but also superior in durability and performance.

How We Do It
At AutoClassicX, our process is meticulous and tailored to meet the highest standards. From sourcing the finest materials to utilizing state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies, we manage every step to ensure excellence. This end-to-end control of the production process allows us to promise that even the most hard-to-find parts will be available and shipped globally within three days.

Looking Ahead
The future at AutoClassicX is driven by our vision of accessibility and excellence. With our decentralized production model and digital 3D parts catalog, we are set to redefine the availability of spare parts for classic cars worldwide.

Join us in our journey to keep the classics rolling and the heritage thriving. With AutoClassicX, your weekend rides will continue to turn heads and stir hearts, just as they were meant to.